Previous Cases

Recent Notable Cases

  • A claim pursuant to the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 for delivery up of valuable antiquities against a well-known dealer with galleries in London and New York. In addition to the litigation in this jurisdiction, the antiquities were the subject of orders made by the Surrogate’s Court of the County of New York. At trial the claimant recovered his antiquities.
  • A successful claim against four defendants that involved the vicarious liability of one of them, (which had supplied bookkeeping and company secretarial services to the claimant), because of the fraud committed by one of its employees.
  • A successful claim for undue influence which involved obtaining a freezing injunction against the defendant dominatrix, who was alleged to have procured substantial monies from the claimant, and complex discovery of electronic traffic between the partiesA successful claim by an employee for substantial compensation for breach of his contract of employment. The employer had agreed to pay the claimant a bonus related profit share of 10% of any net profit made by the defendant on construction projects managed by the claimant.
  • A claim by a company that had been defrauded by a former consultant of substantial sums over several years.
  • A successful claim against a letting and property management company for fundamental breach of contract and a committal order against the director of the defendant for breach of a court order.
  • Two separate claims for recovery of monies the claimants were induced to invest by the misrepresentation and negligence of the defendant. Both claims were successful with full recovery.
  • A judicial application by the wife of the deceased that resulted in the inquest decision being expunged. A second inquest will be heard in 2019.